Eternal Dream

by Yowzah

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released January 8, 2016

Yowzah is
Ethan Dillard - Guitar, Vocals
Jordan Hinkle - Bass
Champy Gahagan - Drums

All songs written by Yowzah

Guitar & Bass recorded by John Michael Caldwell
at his grandmother's house in Monroe, LA
Vocals recorded by John Michael Caldwell
at his apartment in Baton Rouge, LA
Drums recorded by Michael Freeman
at The Brown Owl in Nashville, TN
Mixing and Mastering by Michael Freeman.
Saxophone by Joe Stokes.



all rights reserved


Yowzah Louisiana

Ethan Dillard
Jordan Hinkle
Champy Gahagan

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Track Name: Spanana Blitz
Words escape me... probably 'cause I'm lazy.
Lingo poor, well I should probably read more.
Freaking out, I know nothing about it.
Nothing new, I'll wait until I have to do it.
Late night cramming, instead distracted jamming.
Did not study, coming back to haunt me.
Always stressed, I never learn my lesson.
Nothing new, I'll wait until I have to do it.

Take all of my toys, throw them out the window.
Hide my distractions just so I can think.
Turn off all the noise, I can barely hear you.
Procrastination gets the best of me.

Don't bother me, 'cause I'll lose my concentration.
Lost it.
Don't worry babe, It's ok. I'm ok, I promise.
Singing a song for all the people that care about it.
Work to the bone so I can easily sleep a good night's sleep.
Track Name: Tofu
Wake up, work and get paid. Repetition.
Go out. See the world and break the cycle.
I don't mind if all my life I live for living's sake.
To exist in the world, but to never live in it
and to have been giving a life and take that life for granted.
Oh, just think what if we're all here for no apparent reason,
only to exist in the world and live just for the sake of living.
Track Name: Eternal Dream
Rock-a-bye baby, the wind's come to take me away...
Lost count of the sheep while cutting down the dreamland tree.
I wish I could dream an eternal dream.
Track Name: Shadow Man
Upside-down man standing in the hallway,
Shadow silhouette.
Was I dreaming or was I still awake?
I can not feel a thing.
Wide-eyed, petrified, woke up to a shadow man, a silhouette.
Hide your face from me, I'll hide mine from you so I can fall asleep.
Woke up with a new worldview, had a dream and started thinking.
Hide my head beneath the sheets just so I can fall asleep again.
Track Name: 10,000 Lbs. To The Moon
Folding through the 6th dimension, endless possibilities...
So cool!
Find the missing link between us, hide it from humanity...
So cruel!
Play with all the data, rearrange it so it make more sense to me.
Complicated questions simplified or answered with an "I don't know."
Why bother?

In the cold, cold year of 1969,
blasting off to starry, starry skies,
strapped inside a fucking rocket,
you'll change the way we think.

endless possibilities...